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A close association of nations or other groups, formed to advance common interests or causes.

The Women's Prophetic Alliance is a non-profit organization created to ordain, license, commission, and support prophetic women in the marketplace and ministry. In addition, we will provide gift assessments, training, and coaching to help you reach your full potential.  

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I am so elated about Deborah and Esther Arising 2023!  We are a group of men and women contending for a move of God in the Inland Empire. This year's flagship conference will be held again In the beautiful city of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.  Last year was amazing but this year is going to be epic. Friday night will b e a night of impartation, worship and healing.  If you are in business or ministry you do not want to miss it  On Saturday I have some seasoned and annointed men and women who are coming to pour into you. There will be break out sessions for taking your place in ministry, excelling in the marketplace and our Esther Mandate for girls 14-18.  It is our assignment to propel you into your next. You can purchase your tickets on our website by accessing the link below. 


Rancho Cucamonga, Ca - February 2023




With a mother's heart Yvonne is the chief catalyst for the Deborah and Esther mandate. Arrayed in a prophetic anointing she is a skillful teacher who provokes and encourages change. She is equipped to raise up women who will embody the spirit of Deborah, the judge, the prophetess and military strategist, and infuse them with the bravery, conviction, and internal fortitude of Esther. 

Part of The Deborah and Esther mandate's responsibility is to reclaim justice and promote healing  for women and children from the atrocities of, marginalization, broken relationships and abuse. In addition to that, it will confront the narrative that wants to castrate and dishonor men's roles in our society. Our primary  goal is to promote a culture of support, spiritual integrity, mental health, and celebration among the women of God. We discourage a culture of envy, jealousy, and competition. We will accomplish our mandate through monthly gatherings, an annual conference and prophetic training. The manifest presence of God will be expressed in supernatural healing and miracles.

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